What we can do for you

I provide beautiful landscape designs for you that are born from my imagination given a full understanding all your dreams and lifestyle desires.

the evergreen package

How it works

Step 1: What you do

  • You email me before pictures of the space you would like to design

  • You complete the Lifestyle Questionnaire

Step 2: What I do for you

  1. Create a design based on your answers in the Lifestyle Questionnaire

  2. Included with this design package design is:

    • A list of plants needed with botanical names

    • A digital mockup of what it should look like when you first plant the plans

    • What it will look like in year 3 once the plants have grown in.

    • Soil preparation instructions. This is KEY to success and should not be overlooked.

  3. A 30 minute consultation to be used either while you’re at the nursery looking for plants or while you’re planting (face-time). Extra time can be added for $25 per 30 minutes.

the daisy

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