It is hard to describe the feeling of enthusiasm I get with each new opportunity to design the perfect planting for a client. I truly love what I do for a living.


Joe’s Experience

I have worked in the green industry for 45 years and have learned that a client’s lifestyle is the most important force behind a landscape design. Often a client will have a vision that is conceptually beautiful but might be in conflict with their dogs use of the yard, their children’s use, ( i.e. play/football /soccer), their vacation times, ( which conflict with watering and maintenance ), and the amount of time they are most likely to spend in their yard weekly, and so forth.

“I design what people truly need, by listening to what they really want.”

When I meet with someone and learn how they live and how they wish to interact with their property. I automatically assess several important issues: Drainage is a number one concern that must be corrected if any standing water or run off erosion exists. The amount of shade / sun and micro climates all need to be correctly assessed for proper selection of plant material. Good soil preparation is paramount and is 80% of your success. Wind severity can be a problem. Evergreen placement is extremely important to think about.

I first design a landscape by what it looks like from the winter point of view from inside. Privacy is what 100% of my client’s desire. Choosing the correct plants to achieve it with blossoming interest at various intervals of the year is my specialty. Hardscape and lighting cannot be an afterthought. Plumbing and wiring have to incorporate into the design form the beginning. I design projects for the passage of time as the spaces have been anticipated after years of growth, and colors continue from season to season.

Joe’s portfolio.

“Trial and error works, but who wants the error? Work with Joe and he’ll take the guess work out and walk you through your landscape, each step of the way.” - Betsy